BAF's broad musical offering is based on it's "Transatlantic Recipe"  -  a handful of modern singer-songwriting, spiced with irish folk, blended in with hearty portions of american bluegrass and loving spoonfuls of world music, seasoned with a healthy sprinkling of Jazz, and served up hot to enthusiastic audiences. Siggi Strack and Robi Jacksons' compositions offer exciting and interesting melodic excursions to destinations across the globe.


Since they formed in the heart of Switzerland in 2014, the band's infectious musical style has attracted a steadily growing group of fans, both in Switzerland and beyond.

Joy of life and everyday experiences, good fortune and tragedy, poems and paintings (from the likes of Theodor Fontane, Percy Shelley oder Frida Kahlo) all find an arresting expression in BAF's repetoire.

Down to earth, authentic, at times melancholic and thought provoking, at others foot-tapping and exhilerating, the band's refreshing arrangements of their own songs stand on their own merits.

Siggi Strack,  Banjo, Mandolin, Mandocello, Guitar, Vocals


Siggi's musical roots lie in in Bluegrass and Newgrass.

Inspired by the David Grisman Quintett, he went on to discover New Acoustic Music which combines Folk, Jazz, Kletzmer, Klassik und Bluegrass.

Being a member of various Rock, New Country and Big bands further widened his musical horizon.


All this and more lie at the source of his inspiration for his many diverse compositions for BLUE ACOUSTIC FLAVOUR.


Renato Rizzo, Guitar, Vocals


Renato's roots lie in Jazz. 

The influence of musicians like John McLaughlin und Paco de Lucia lead to his interest in acoustic music.

Since then he has managed to build up a wealth of experience by playing in a number of duos and trios, as well as performing on his own.


Although he also plays electric guitar in various formations (from funk to jazz/rock), acoustic guitar remains very much his greatest love.



 Gabriel Miranda, Violin, Vocals


Gabriel, born and raised in Madrid, is one of the two talented new members we are proud to present.

He brings exactly the spirited and passionate tone that is required for BAF's music.


He began violin lessons at the age of five, winning a number of esteemed prizes at a young age.

In the course of his musical career he has successfully completed a number of Bachelors, Masters degrees and qualifications at Hochschule Luzern (HSLU) and Conservatoire Royale de Bruxelles and is currently study toward a “Performance Master” im Jazz at HSLU, studying under Simon Heggendorn und Nathanael Su.


In addition to teaching at the music schools of Hitzkirch, Hildisrieden und Beromünster, he also plays in a number of Orchestras and chamber music ensembles in central Switzerland and is concertmaster of the Orchesterverein Entlebuch.



Christian Lienhard, Bass, Vocals


Christian, the all rounder "drummer & musician", plays in formations covering of a wide range of genres - from rock/pop & jazz to folklore, light music & classical music. 

He teaches at the Kantonsschule (Canton School) in Zofingen and leads the Jugendmusik (Youth Music) band "Wind Band Zofingen".


His musical know-how stems from the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Bern und at the Kalaidos University in Zurich.




Robi Jackson, Lyrics


When Siggi and Robi first met in 2014, neither could have imagined just how fruitful their musical collaboration was about to become. Siggi was sitting on a heap of melodies with little or no lyrics; for Robi it was other way round. In the meantime, they can look back on over 40 songs and an end is not in sight.


Robi, kiwi born and raised, also plays guitar and has written many poems and short stories, as well as songs and/or lyrics (for himself and others).